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About us

At some point in your life, you focus on what is really important to you.

Markus Philipp - Ontaria Ltd.

My name is Markus Philipp and I am the owner of ONTARIA. When we moved to Canada 20 years ago with my Canadian wife Kim and our two daughters Alice and Jana, I also left my professional career behind in Germany and I had to look for something new. The idea did not take long to come up.

Canadians have only two things on their mind: Ice Hockey and The Great Outdoors. You're just outside all the time. Preferably in the middle of a remote lake. In the wilderness. Ideally in a canoe, a fish on a hook.

Lifestyle is then quickly joined by products: Stickley furniture, cedar saunas, Muskoka or Adirondack chairs. All things that one could not get in Europe, back then ... before ONTARIA. Now they are everywhere, but twenty years ago we were the first. At least the first who did it on the Internet. 

I know all the manufacturers personally: e.g. Dave Wright from the Bear Chair Company - David Martin from Dundalk Leisurecraft Saunas and the Audi family at Stickley. We only import them because they are the best. Honestly!

Let's talk about you. Our customer. You probably care about similar things as I do: quality & good design, sustainability, honesty & reliability.

Our customers are just as honest as us. I can tell this from the fact that there we have no payment defaults whatsoever. Okay, three. In just under 20 years. 

We offer a 15-year guarantee. We take responsibility for our products and our promise: we only give up when you are satisfied! Honestly! 

Thanks for dropping by. 

Markus Philipp

And if you have any questions, get in touch directly with me:  email -• Phone +49 160 977 25 149 • / Whatsapp /Pico+49 160 977-25149.