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FAQ Chairs

Do you have to treat the chairs?
Canadian red cedar does not need to be treated in principle. However, it offers advantages to do it anyway! Here are the facts about:
Leave it untreated:
    1. takes on its beautiful silvery-grey patina after one season
    2. thereby seals itself against weathering
    3. never has to be oiled or painted - this saves time and money.
    4. but: it is more sensitive to dirt and stains
Finishing with the alkyd resin glaze Sikkens Cetol HLS Extra: 
- fires up and maintains the natural beauty of the wood.

 - protects the surface against stains and dirt

 - extends the life span.

 - is easier to clean

 - has to be replaced every 4-5 years with
Repeat the coating


Order your chairs sanded and pre-assembled by us. After the complete assembly you should put three layers of glaze on. After the first coat, please sand briefly. Then the grain of the wood shimmers even more brightly.