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Our American Stickley furniture is unique, extraordinary, and cannot be compared to anything else. That was true more than 100 years ago and still applies today. In 1905 the brothers Gustav and Leopold Stickley present their first "Mission Collection" at the furniture fair in Michigan, USA. The innovative designs are reminiscent of the furniture of the early Spanish missions in California and spring from the same philosophy as Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterpieces built at the same time. All squiggles are thrown overboard. The craftsmanship, straightforwardness and honesty of the so-called Arts and Crafts movement became the recipe for success for this timeless furniture style. 

These early pieces are now the pride of many museums and collectors and bring top prices at period furniture auctions. In 1999 the purchase price for a Stickley sideboard was set at $597,000. Furniture lovers and professionals appreciate Stickley because of its solid, carpentry finish, the clarity of its shapes and the design that meets their needs.

To this day, teams of trained carpenters, craftsmen and designers continue to build the old collections at Stickley, as well as modern series based on the ideals of the old masters.

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