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Red cedar forest in Canada

There are weighty material and environmental reasons why the best Adirondack chairs and saunas are made from the red cedar wood of their Canadian homeland. Canadian Western Red Cedar is more suitable for outdoor use than any other wood. You almost can't get around it when building garden furniture and saunas.

Red Cedar grows almost exclusively in the moist and cool forests of the Canadian west coast in British Columbia and was called Tree of Life by the Native Americans. The tree was their most important natural product and was one of their four sacred plants. The wood of the red cedar was and still is used by First Nations to make dwellings, canoes, clothing, containers and tools, and sacred objects such as the totem pole.

Thanks to sustainable management of the Red Cedar forests in Canada, the stocks are now 20% larger than, for example, in 1970, although the wood has become an important ecological raw product for the construction of houses, furniture and saunas. For the original Adirondack Bear Chairs and the barrel saunas, red cedar is the only option for us. 

The red cedar is above all:

WEATHER RESISTANT: the wood contains antibacterial essential oils which have an inhibiting effect on all weathering processes.

LIGHT: it is one of the lightest softwoods and is therefore ideal for garden furniture and Adirondack Chairs that need to be moved from time to time.

STABLE: the wood is incredibly resistant to breakage and torsion. We can make the chairs from quite thin lasts without anything breaking or becoming crooked during use. The long slats of the sauna barrel must also be straight and torsion-resistant in order to remain permanently sealed even without a roof.

BEAUTIFUL:The colours of the Western Red Cedar vary from whitish tones to yellowish to reddish-brown shades. This is what gives the wood its special visual appeal.

AROMATIC:The wood has an aromatic smell of cedar oil, especially after rain. In the past, cedar wood was placed between the wool clothing to keep the moths away.

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Cedar wood does not need to be protected from weathering with chemical products because of its weatherproof properties. This protects the environment and your wallet in the long term.

SUSTAINABLE: Our red cedar used in the construction of the Adirondack chairs and saunas comes from sustainably and ecologically managed forests. During production, the environment, water and air are far less polluted than with artificial materials. At the end of its lifetime, the wood decomposes without residue back into humus.

HEALTHY: The cedar oils (thujaplicins), similar to the aromatic oils of eucalyptus, cloves, cinnamon and ginger, belong to the plant remedies called terpenoids and have a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibiotic effect. Thujaplicins are also used in skin protection creams due to their melanogenetic properties.

INSULATING: Especially in the garden sauna it is important to let as little internal heat as possible escape to the outside. The red cedar has a high proportion of small air chambers in the wood. This makes them light, but also heat-insulating. The sauna heats up quickly, the heat loss during use is low and you save energy.

VALUABLE: No question, you will find a cheaper chair everywhere. However, if they add durability, aesthetics, haptics and their pleasure in an ecological product of lasting value, these saunas and Adirondack chairs are worth more than their price.