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2 Classic Adirondacks Chairs with cushion

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Cushion colour

Chair Facts

Classic Chair and Bear Chair are identical in construction - Only: the Bear Chair has NOCH wider armrests.

Like everything with us from Western Red Cedar: durable, lightweight and beautiful - for a lifetime!

  • because the antibacterial cedar oils make this exceptional wood weather resistant for 25+ years.
  • because Red Cedar is light as a feather, strong as oak and has an aromatic smell.
  • because the wood does not need to be treated and becomes elegant & silvery grey.
  • because it can be treated: protected and refined with our alkyd resin glaze Sikkens Cetol Natur.

Have your order pre-assembled by us - incl. 15 years warranty.



  • Dimensions: H90, W80, L90cm
  • seat width: 50cm
  • Back height: 80cm
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Dimensions: H33, B42, L45cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Dimensions: H52, Ø75cm
  • Weight: 4kg
Shipping dimensions:
  • Chair: 95x60x30cm
  • Footstool: 45x35x35cm
  • Table: 80x6cm

Assembly & Handling

Why you should let us pre-assemble the chairs:

We import the chairs as rustic kit. With pre-assembly by us,

  1. you save time, effort and avoid mistakes.
  2. you will get a professionally sanded and assembled chair.
  3. we will guarantee the chair for 15 years, quasi for lifetime.
  4. it means immediate operability
  5. comprehensive and superior material quality

What are the exact services of our pre-assembly:

  1. Testing the wood for material quality and colour consistency
  2. Grinding of surfaces and edges
  3. Assembly of the large parts
  4. 15 years warranty
  5. Re-packaging in sturdy DHL shipping cartons

Why do you have to glue the chairs?

  • Every chair is exposed to shear forces that screws alone cannot hold. 
  • Only the combination of screws and glue provides lasting stability.
  • So: a few drops of (the included) waterproof wood glue right and left of all screws.

Must red cedar be treated?

Canadian red cedar does not need to be treated. But there are advantages to doing it anyway! 

Reasons to keep it natural:

  • quickly takes on a beautiful silvery grey patina
  • thereby seals itself against weathering
  • never needs to be oiled or painted - this saves time & money and protects the environment.
  • but: it is more sensitive to dirt and stains

Reasons for protection & refinement with Sikkens Cetol HLS Extra: 

  • refines and maintains the natural beauty of the wood.
  • protects the surface against dirt
  • extends the life span
  • is easy to clean
  • but: must be repeated every 4-5 years with a coat of paint

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Adirondack Chair from Ontaria

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Markus Philipp - Gf Ontaria